Friday, 05 Jun 2020

There are the 5 folding-screen phones which predicted will be released in 2019


IllustrationIllustration - Technological developments have never stopped, and especially for a number of cellphone manufacturers. From the news circulating, they were preparing a cellphone with a foldable screen.


In addition to Samsung which will introduce its folding cellphone in February, it turns out that there are several manufacturers that are also participating in producing cellphones with folding screens.


Summarized from T3, here is a line of folding phones that are being prepared, and for those who are interested, it's good to immediately start saving to order and buy.


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1. Samsung

Samsung's folding mobile series is expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, ??next February. Basically, this phone is a tablet that can be folded. The screen size is of course two versions, 7.29 inches when not folded, and 4.6 inches when folded.


The official name for the cellphone has not been announced. There are those who call Galaxy X, there are also Galaxy F. The price leak according to Gizmodo if converted to Rupiah is around IDR 27 million to IDR 38 million, and of course there are several series.


2. Motorola Razr

Reportedly Motorola will also launch a foldable cellphone, the Motorola Razr. This smartphone has a flip concept, but with a full screen that can be folded when opened.


The Motorola reportedly has filed a patent for a two-screen folding cellphone. The patent depicts two cameras, as well as hinges at the top, bottom and center, and the ability to be supported into display modes such as tents.

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3. LG

LG seems reluctant to be far behind from Samsung. He is also busy developing a folding screen cellphone technology. The company has filed a patent for this innovation, and leaked names such as Flex, Foldi, and Duplex are included in LG's internal documents.


As for the design and price, there are no clear instructions. It makes perfect sense that the price tag will be quite expensive, and it is likely that it will be launched at the end of 2019, because the company does not want to rush before it is truly ready.


4. Apple iPhone

Last November 2018, Apple Inc. is known to file a patent for "Electronic Devices with Flexible Screens". The words 'cell phone' are also referred to in the same document.


According to analysts, Apple will wait until 2020 to release a mobile phone that can be folded, it could be equipped with technology that is compatible with 5G. But until now, there have been no further leaks regarding design and other aspects.


5. Huawei

Last October 2018, the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, informed that the Chinese factory had a flexible smartphone prototype.


The patent document they submitted refers to a "foldable smartphone" device. But the shape is like a book that can be opened so that it looks like a large size tablet, with hinges that connect each screen.


Possible latest advanced features will also be provided on this mobile phone, ranging from wireless charging to premium lens cameras. But there is no mention of what month the Huawei mobile phone is launched, but it is expected in 2019.

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