Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Colorado government wants to legalize ICO


Colorado government wants to legalize ICOColorado government wants to legalize ICO - Decentralization is a phenomenon that is becoming widespread in recent times. It’s interesting how centralized power is in the USA?

Overseas, crypto industry regulation standards have not yet been approved. 
This did not prevent the Ohio state leaders, without having received the consent of the federal government, to allow organizations to pay taxes in Bitcoins and the company “Overstock» has already decided to use this opportunity.

Colorado lawmakers decided to go even further and consider a draft that legalizes ICO. Interestingly, the activity of regional representatives of the executive branch is contrary to the SEC policy, which recognized the ICO as a problematic institution and recently approved strict segment regulation standards.

It remains only to wish “Overstock” only good luck!

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