Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Study said more young woman experienced heart attacks than man


IllustrationIllustration - Research by the American Health Association found young women experienced alarming trends in the incidence of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases in the past few decades.

The study found an increase in the number of young patients treated for heart attacks in women. Research also shows young women tend to get less cardiovascular care which causes a higher risk of hypertension, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease compared to young men.

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"Heart disease is sometimes considered a disease of the elderly, but now there are many cases of heart attacks that attack young people, especially women. This is a concern so we need to focus more on this population" said Dr. Sameer Arora, cardiologist at the University of Medicine of North Carolina, quoted from Medicalnewstoday.

Dr. Arora appealed to heart health experts and other health care professionals to pay more attention to the cardiovascular health of the heart in women.

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"Coronary artery disease is often seen as a male disease so women who come to the emergency department with chest pain are considered not at high risk. It must be understood that the presentation of a heart attack in women is different from men. Women are more likely to experience atypical symptoms so they are often overlooked" she said.

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