Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Don't want to lost, Citilink will starting to apply its baggage rate soon


IllustrationIllustration - Various airline companies are busy with adjusting their aircraft baggage rates. Previously, Lion Air Group had imposed a baggage tariff, and this time Citilink will also follow in the footsteps of Lion Air Group for domestic flights.

The plan, Citilink will apply to officially apply paid baggage on the upcoming February 8, 2019.

Citilink Indonesia's Commercial Director, Benny Rustanto at the Garuda Kebon Sirih Auditorium, Jakarta, Monday, Jamuary 28th 2019 said, "The aviation industry is indeed rather complicated and sensitive from several ongoing indicators. Here we see airlines having to survive."

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In the quotation reported by, there are several reasons Citilink applies the regulation on baggage tariffs.

"First, namely the component of maintenance costs or safety standards that cannot be compromised. Secondly, as a business actor it is necessary to innovate so that the ends can survive. We don't want Citilink stop operation forever," Benny explained.

By implementing this paid baggage policy, Benny said to remain able to maintain the airline's achievement in providing services to passengers. One of them is the timeliness of flight.

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"We see passenger interest, especially in on time performance. Those who use this plane are people who want to be on time. And that will Citilink increase again from the time of our on time performance which is worth more than 95 percent" Benny said.

For departures before February 8, 2019, Citilink still provides free luggage facilities up to 20 kg. And the provisions of paid baggage are mentioned only for domestic flights. As for international flights, he said he would also pay if above 10 kg would be luggage in the trunk.

Besides that, a big step that was presented by Citilink in 2019 was activation of Wifi on board. This made Citilink confirm its status as a fully digitalized airline.

This on board wifi provides services that passengers can enjoy throughout the flight. "The connection speed is good, and guaranteed passengers can surf in cyberspace even though they are on a plane," he concluded.

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