Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Price a number of commodities in Pekanbaru being to normal now


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  Department of Industry and Trade (DPP) of Pekanbaru records prices of basic commodities in Pekanbaru Riau is tend to be stable. 

Even a number of commodities that had experienced price increases previously, being to normal now.

Such as the price of chicken now it's only sold at IDR 21 thousand for one kilogram, chicken eggs sold at IDR 1,500 for one item. 
While Bukittinggi red chili is only sold at IDR 27 thousand for one kilogram and Medan red chili is sold at IDR 18 thousand for one kilogram.

While tomatoes is sold at IDR 10 thousand for one kilogram, red onions is sold at IDR 20 thousand for one kilogram, garlic is sold at IDR 20 thousand for one kilogram, and tuna fish is sold at IDR 28 thousand for one kilogram. Then beef stays is sold at IDR 120 thousand for one kilogram.

The head of the Pekanbaru's DPP, Ingot Ahmad Hutasuhut said the price of a stable food cannot be separated from the smooth distribution.

"The supply food is safe because the distribution from the center is smooth. We hope the conditions will continue to stabilize, ahead of the 2019 Lunar New Year," Ingot said.





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