Monday, 01 Jun 2020

A woman jailed for tantrum after slap Bali immigration worker


Auj-e TaqaddasAuj-e Taqaddas - The family of a British woman who was jailed for six months after slapping an Indonesian immigration officer during a row over her visa are deeply ashamed of her behaviour.

The woman named Auj-e Taqaddas launched a foul-mouthed rant and attacked the official after being hit with a USD 4,000 fine at a Bali airport last year.

The 43-year-old medical researcher has now been sentenced to six months in prison after she was charged with violent behaviour against a government official.

In a video of her arrest earlier today, she struggled against the men who were leading her away and appeared to strike at another officer as she was taken into a car.

Her violent behaviour has caused her elderly father - a respected former doctor and brother, an IT consultant, huge embarrassment. Ms Taqaddas used to live in a flat above offices in South Norwood, south London, but moved out ten years ago. Her friend said she had an 'aggressive streak' but was very intelligent.

She worked for the Royal Marsden Hospital about eight or nine years ago and was a specialist in Radiography. Then, she wrote a book about her work at the hospital, the methods in which radiography is used to treat cancer.

"The hospital were angry that she was doing this and ordered her to cease writing it but she refused and had the book published regardless. It caused a lot of friction, so she left the Royal Marsden and travelled around the world. She travelled to the Middle East and then on to Australia." her friend said.

The family have been in Britain for about 30 years after coming from Pakistan and they are genuinely lovely people who work incredibly hard. But now, they are deeply ashamed of her behaviour, particularly as the video is on YouTube and all over social media

As information, a huge row erupted at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport last July. The 43-year-old woman had missed her Jetstar flight to Singapore after Indonesian officials accused her of overstaying her visa by 160 days.

After receiving her boarding pass officers noticed that her month-long visa had expired on February 18.

She was told she had to pay a USD 25 fine for everyday she overstayed her visa, adding up to  USD 4,000 (IDR 60 millions).

In a fit of rage that woman was caught on camera abusing the guard and striking him in the face.    

When she was arrested today and dragged to court she threw another tantrum.   

In a video of her arrest earlier today - after she had failed to appear in court - she struggled against the officials who were leading her away and appeared to strike at another officer as she was taken into a car.  

She was arrested before the trial in a shopping mall after failing to appear in court several times.  As two men try to handcuff her she tries to fight them off, kicking at one of them with her right foot before they finally chain her hands together.  

They escort her up an escalator and towards a car, where she fights back again as they try to lift her into the back seat. 

The woman's hands are not clearly visible but the man is seen flinching and apparently struggling with her as she tries to fight him off. 

During the hearing she is again heard shouting and gesticulating at officers sitting in the courtroom.   

During the trial, which began in December, Taqaddas - who denied the charges -  said the video of the slap last year had been edited.

After being sentenced in Denpasar District Court, Taqaddas said the court was corrupt and she had been tortured by police three times including on Wednesday. 

She was taken to an immigration detention centre in Denpasar after the hearing, according to Indonesian media.  

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