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900-strong electric van fought with Tesla and Ferrari


Electric 900-strong van fought in drag with Tesla and FerrariElectric 900-strong van fought in drag with Tesla and Ferrari - The American company Atieva, sponsored by Chinese and Japanese investors, has published a video with the drag race of its prototype Edna against the Tesla Model S sedan and the supercar Ferrari California. The test car won the race, speeding from zero to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.08 seconds.

Edna prototype vs Tesla Model S sedan and Ferrari California supercar

The Edna prototype is built around a Mercedes-Benz Vito van.
It is equipped with a 900-horsepower power plant, which consists of two electric motors, two gearboxes, two power electronics units and a set of lithium batteries with a capacity of 87 kilowatt-hours.

Atieva intends to try different settings of the units, control electronics, recovery and cooling systems, and then choose the best option. It will be used for the first production model of the brand - the premium sedan, which will compete with the Tesla Model S.

Using the example of Edna, a Chinese startup has demonstrated its electric platform. The first product based on it will not be a van, but a luxury sedan, which Atieva released in 2018. Now the company plans to release two luxury crossovers in 2020 and 2021. For the assembly of cars will build a new company that can produce up to 20 thousand cars a year.

Minivan can accelerate to 97 km / h in 3 seconds. In the video, Edna overtakes Ferrari and Tesla Model S. However, Tesla can optionally equip the Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode, with which the car accelerates faster than the usual model, but it didn’t participate in the race.

Atieva company appeared in 2007. It is sponsored by the Japanese company Mitsui and the Chinese automaker BAIC. It is headed by a former member of the board of directors of Tesla, Bernard Tse, and former chief engineer of the Tesla Model S project, Peter Rawlinson.

Atieva began building an electric vehicle factory in California. A startup costs $ 530,000.

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