Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Campaign to reduce plastic waste in Pekanbaru, Alfamart asks mothers in Pekanbaru to recycle waste into valuable products


IllustrationIllustration - Pekanbaru - Alfamart held a campaign to reduce plastic and household waste, in the form of workshops / training to process waste into economically valuable products in the meeting room at the 2nd floor of Alfamart in Tabek Gadang area, Tampan Pekanbaru, on Thursday, April 4th 2019, yesterday.

In this activity, there are fifty participants consisting of mothers from residents around the Alfamart, whose not expecting if the garbage that had always been disposed of could be valuable.

The trainees gained knowledge about the plastic bag and how to sort household waste from starting to separate used food waste and recyclable plastic and paper waste.

Resource person for recycling activities from this garbage is Teguh P, from the Environmental Observer community in Pekanbaru. And in his presentation, it was explained if one’s keen to see the opportunities, plastic and paper waste from the household could be used as economic value handicrafts.

"Used beverage bottles can be souvenir items. Utilized the garbage besides being able to make the environment cleaner and reduce the volume of waste, if it is recycled it will become an item of economic value" said Teguh.

One participant named Yunita admitted that she did not expect that the garbage which had been dumped in the trash basket had turned out to be able to be used as an item that have the value and could be sold.

On the same occasion, the Branch Manager of Alfamart Pekanbaru, Bambang Eko Budiyanto, said that the campaign of plastic bag diet and household waste reduction and community empowerment training is one form of the company's contribution to the community around Alfamart stores. With hope, the community can care and maintain an environment where they live to be more comfortable.

In addition, this recycling activity is as an Alfamart’s effort fostering the spirit of independence and entrepreneurship through development skill ability for the community.

"Hopefully this training will make housewives able to understand related to reducing plastic waste and managing household waste as well as being more creative to become entrepreneurs" Bambang said.

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