Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Did eyebrow embroidery, made this woman from Kansas has four eyebrows


Jami LadbetterJami Ladbetter - A woman from Kansas, United States experienced an unexpected event after she did eyebrow embroidery. Now the mother of three has four eyebrows instead. She is Jami Ladbetter. She received a USD 250 coupon from one of her children last November to do eyebrow embroidery. For her beauty, Jami did that because she said her eyebrows were very thin.

Unfortunately, the procedur ends with catastrophy. She ended up having four eyebrows. The four eyebrows not only made her lose her confidence, but also ended her love relationship. "I was devestated. I was dating a man, and he stopped dating me at the time" she told WDAF-TV quoted by the Daily Mail.

Because of her eyebrows, Jami said she only went out to work and shop for monthly needs. She also tried to cover her eyebrows with makeup to make it invisible. Jami even did another eyebrow treatment with a woman who said she could cover it, but in fact it made her looks worse.

Jami finally found a licensed tattoo artist named Kara Gutierrez. Kara specializes in permanent cosmetics and removes tattoos. Jami's eyebrows returned to normal after the treatment. But she had to spend USD 1,000 for it.

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