Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The sad story of Christina Meredith, the homeless woman who won the beauty queen contest


Christina MeredithChristina Meredith - Christina Meredith, the woman who won the title of Miss California 2013 has a sad story about her past. The woman who is now a soldier once lived as a vagrant. Christina herself won a beauty contest after she lived on the streets. She has a heartbreaking dark story. When she was a teenager, Christina was a victim of sexual abuse by her own uncle. Not to mention the physical and psychological violence carried out by being the homeless people.

Young Christina has had to take care of her seven younger siblings. She did every jobs she could foung so that her younger siblings could eat. But they ended up in an orphanage because of their inability. Moving on to age 18, the institution no longer wants to take care of her, which made her have to leave the orphanage.

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Christina then earned money by back working on those odd jobs. The money she earned from her work she saved so one day she can buy a house for her and her younger siblings. One day she was found by talent scouts who asked her to take part in the Miss California in 2013. Unexpectedly, Christina won that beauty contest.

Christina then enrolled in army school. She admitted that the school program was the savior of her life. "I appreciate my success through this program because what is taught makes me a more structured, purposeful and friendlier person" Christina said, as quoted by Mirror.

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