Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

This 4 years old baby lose 18 of his teeth because always did this every night


IllustrationIllustration - Dental and oral health is very important. Because teeth are the most important tool used to consume food. Quoted from Asia One, on April 10th 2019, at the age of 4, this poor boy must be willing to lose 18 of his teeth.

That's because he never brushed his teeth after drinking milk. He also often fell asleep with a milk bottle that is still attached to his mouth. Therefore, the remaining milk began to rot in his mouth. The story is shared directly by the dentist who performed the surgery to remove the teeth from him.

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"This morning with a 4-year-old patient. A total of 18 teeth were pulled out from total of 20 teeth" said a part of the sentence written by a dentist in the Phuket area named Sathian Ken Suravisankul on his personal Facebook page on Monday then. From that it is known that now the boy only has two teeth.

The upload went viral, and has been shared for more than 3500 times. In his upload, Sathian did not blame the boy's parents. It's just that as a dentist, Sathian appealed to parents not to let their children use milk bottles and pacifiers for a long time. He also encouraged parents to tell their children about the importance of brushing teeth regularly.

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