Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Dua Lipa visited the child victims of war in Syria


Dua Lipa with the child victims of war in SyriaDua Lipa with the child victims of war in Syria - Famous British singer, Dua Lipa, visited the children who became the war victims in Syria. She posted her moments with the Syrian children on Instagram.

Dua Lipa visited Syria together with UNICEF. She said that it was an experience that opened her eyes. She hoped that these children can get their right to live peacfully and feel safe, as well as to reach their dreams.

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The children also seemed to be enthusiatic about her visit. In one of the pictures, they were shown giving her flowers and taking selfie with her. They also shared their stories with her.

Dua Lipa spent three days in the refugee camp. Her visit attracted the sympathy of many people.

However, Dua Lipa is not the first celebrity who visited Syria. There were some others before her. One of them is Gigi Hadid.

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