Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Paleontologist criticized the auction of baby t-rex fossils on eBay


IllustrationIllustration - Many things can be bought by users in eBay, including fossils of Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex babies that are claimed to be the only fossils found. The fossil was auctioned at a price of USD 2.95 million. The auction itself turned out to spark controversy.

Paleontologists have criticized this auction because it is called to push the price of valuable specimens to be higher and private ownership has the potential to reduce the potential of scientists to examine them. Reporting from ScienceMag, on Tuesday, April 16th 2019, this 68-million-year-old fossil was originally discovered by Alan Detrich and his brother in 2013. The fossil, named Son of Sampson, was found on private land in the US state of Montana.

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Detrich then approached the Natural History Museum which is part of the University of Kansas to offer borrowing fossils. The museum began exhibiting Son of Sampson fossils in 2017 and continued to show them up more than a year later.

Not only that, according to Detrich, a paleontologist connected to the museum also examined the fossil. This is what according to paleontologist from the University of Indiana, David Polly, making these fossils as sold in stores. He said the museum's actions to showcase Son of Sampson at an exhibition helped raise the commercial value of the fossil.

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