Saturday, 30 May 2020

New York plans to ban animal fur, thousands of workers threaten with unemployment


IllustrationIllustration - The New York City government plans to ban the sale of fur-based fashion products. This regulation received good response from animal activists, but on the other hand many people threaten with unemployment because of it.

The image of New York City as one of four world fashion centers (besides London, Milan and Paris) makes this city one of the big markets for the fur industry. According to FUR NYC, New York City produces around 80 percent of fur coats made in the United States.

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Nick Pologeorgis, as one of the owners of a fur-producing company in New York told that his father, an immigrant from Greece, first opened the family business about 60 years ago. "My employees are very worried. If you are 55 or 50, and your skills are only making fur, what can they do later?" Nick said as quoted by CBS.

If this policy enacted, there are around 1,100 people who are at risk of losing their jobs, and that number is only in the New York City area, not including other cities in the state of New York. According to Linda Rosenthal, a Democratic Party member who was involved in drafting the law, using animal hair as clothing was a cruel and barbaric act.

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