Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Remi Cruz, a Youtuber that perform a strange diet which only eats tomatoes for a week


Remi CruzRemi Cruz - Remi Cruz is a YouTuber from Los Angeles, California. In her latest video, she invited her fans to try out her latest diet. Through the 'MissRemyAshen' YouTube channel, she invited to all of her viewer to follow her diet, which only eat tomatoes for week.

She mentioned that the tomato diet can help burn fat to lose weight. "I just went on a diet that was quite crazy with my nutritionist. I had a chance to discuss this diet in a vlog, but in essence I was on a tomato diet" Remi said from the Daily Mail UK, on April 16th 2019.

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"Tomatoes are actually a good food for burning fat. So we try to diet tomatoes in a short time, just to see how my body reacts" continued the 24-year-old YouTuber. Remmy is not the first person to do this tomato diet. According to the Livestrong website, a nutritionist named Doctor Ann Kulze, explained that tomatoes are one of the best foods that can help people lose weight.

But for Remi, eating large amounts of tomatoes is not something she will do for a long time. She understands that the tomato diet is not good for a long time, so she only does it for a week to see the reaction of her body to that diet.

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