Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The insect queen from China showed off a video of her eating 8 kinds of insects at once


Som, the insect queenSom, the insect queen - This woman from China, known as Som, called herself as the Insect Queen. She showed off her extreme actions several times when eating terrible insects. Som always uploads photos and videos of her meals on Instagram, she is always interested in eating various insects. Even in the Instagram gallery, she never showed the action of eating normal food.

One of the videos shows Som is devouring 8 types of insects at once. She placed these insects on separate plates. Seen on each plate there are tarantula, caterpillar, bee, beetle and even scorpion. One by one the insects that have been fried are eaten by her.

The crunchy sound of insects is clearly heard when Som chewed the insects. She also mentioned the name of this insect in Chinese before putting it in her mouth. The action of this beautiful woman eating insects is not only done this once. She once ate a variety of extreme animals that were not really everyday foods.

The most astonishing action was done when Som ate a millipede caterpillar that had just been boiled. Lately, Som is even known to have just eaten baked crocodile meat. Her hobby of eating this terrible food made Som a lot of controversy from netizens.

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