Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Which one that has the most benefits, exercising in the morning or in the afternoon?, this is the explanation


IllustrationIllustration - Sports in the morning and evening have their own pluses and minuses. If you are in the afternoon team, there is a new study that confirms the benefits of doing sports in the afternoon. Research conducted in these mice shows that physical activity in the afternoon runs 50 percent more efficiently than in the morning, because in the afternoon, people consumes less oxygen and have better metabolic functions.

In a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, scientists 'exercised' rats at various time variations. Observed, the metabolic system runs more efficiently in mice that are physically active in the afternoon.

The research team also compared it with observations on 12 humans. The results are not much different, sports in the afternoon make energy consumption more efficient than the morning. "This is true not only in humans but also of all light-sensitive organisms" explained Dr. Gad Asher of the Weizmann Institute of Science who led the study, quoted from Dailymail.

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