Tuesday, 26 May 2020

New York police detained man who carried a can of gasoline on St. Patrick’s cathedral


IllustrationIllustration - New York Police (NYPD) detained a man who was found carrying a can of gasoline and a lighter into St. Patrick’s cathedral on Wednesday, April 17th 2019, two days after a fire incident at Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris.

The NYPD commissioner, John Miller, said that the arrested man admitted he was carrying a can of gasoline into the cathedral. However, the man argued he cut its way through the cathedral while carrying gasoline because he was in a hurry to refuel his car which was broke down.

However, according to Miller, the statement from the man was ‘inconsistent and like he was avoiding something’. "We don't know what in his mind was, and what his motives were" Miller said as quoted by AFP.

Miller later said that the man had confronted the cathedral security officer face to face. The officer said the gasoline should not be brought into the building. "At that time, some of gasoline had been spilled on the floor" Miller said.

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