Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Keep posting pictures of him eating Indonesian foods, Japan ambassador for Indonesia getting famous in social media


Masafumi IshiiMasafumi Ishii - Indonesia has various kinds of delicious food. Every region has its own special food to offer.

Indonesian food is not only popular among local people, but also among foreigners. One of them is Japan’s ambassador for Indonesia, Masafumi Ishii.

The ambassador is attracting attention from the netizens recently. This is because he often posts photos of himself eating Indonesian food on his Instagram account.

The account with the name @jpnambsindonesia often uploads the photos of Ishii during lunch. Among the foods he eats are fried chicken with sayur asem, cakalang noodles, tongseng, laksa betawi, soto madura, nasi liwet and many others.

His posts always use the hashtag #dutabesarjepangsukamakananindonesia (Japanese ambassador loves Indonesian food). It attracts the attentions of many Indonesian netizens.

“Hope you enjoy every foods here,” wrote @norvifazriyah.

“I follow this account other than seeing the cooperation between two countries, because I want to see Mr. Ambassador eats,” wrote @86_fadhel.

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