Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020

Heartless, a teacher hired a hitman to kill a student who once he had molested


 Deonte Taylor Deonte Taylor - A teacher in Missouri, US, named Deonte Taylor (36), is charged for hiring a hitman to kill a 10-year-old boy he allegedly molested, who is also his former student.

Taylor once worked at an elementary school where the boy attended. He allegedly took the then-7-years-old boy from class and to another room, where the boy perform oral sex on him.

Taylor’s DNA was found to match sample found on the boy’s body. He is facing charges for sodomy.

The boy reported the attack right away but the investigation lingered after the detective who worked on the case left the department. Meanwhile, Taylor was applying a job in another school. He was teaching in an elementary school in a different district when he was arrested.

Investigators said that Taylor met a fellow prisoner and arranged for him to kill the boy and his mother when he was released. But instead of helping him, that fellow prisoner became a confidential informant for the police.

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