Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Brie Larson said that she was worried when accepting the role of Captain Marvel


Brie LarsonBrie Larson - Actress Brie Larson is considered successful in portraying one of Marvel’s super heroines, Captain Marvel. She played the character in the solo film Captain Marvel and will reprise her role in Avengers: Endgame.

But before she joined Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Captain Marvel, she admitted that she was worried and anxious. She said that her nervousness came from the fact that she was an introvert.

According to the Oscar-winning actress, she needed a lot of time to adapt to it. Not because her role is difficult, but because the activities in MCU is on a big scale and she was not used to it.

“Going to large scale press, being on stage, is a frightening thing to me,” Larson said.

She felt something changed after she became part of the MCU family. She said, something is shifting and different, but in a positive way.

“For example, yesterday I went out, eating street food, shopping, things like that not only make me feel alive, but also releasing me from the character I played,” she said.

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