Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Tsimane tribe, Amazon tribe that have the healthiest heart in the world


Tsimane tribeTsimane tribe - Tsimane, an indigenous tribe of the Amazon that lives in the interior of the Amazon forest is considered to have the best heart of the world. This is confirmed by CNN health correspondent Sanjay Gupta during his visit to the village where the Tsimane tribe lives. Gupta wants to know their diet, and their activities and even their tribal breaks with all of their 60 members living on the banks of the river.

"At first I thought the Tsimane tribe's diet is like a paleo diet with 65 percent of calories coming from meat. But it turns out, member of Tsimane tribe gets their calorie intake from carbohydrates. Intakes such as cassava, rice, and corn cover almost 70 percent of Tsimane's diet every day. These foods are very important for the tribe because these are they only option to eat, especially when it is not in the hunting season" said Gupta.

The food is not cooked too long, preserved, or added too much sugar and salt. All of these natural ingredients thought as the reason why the heart health of Tsimane residents is so good, together with around 15 percent of fat and protein intake every day. According to Gupta, this diet pattern gives 2 times more fiber intake compares to many people diet. This diet is also rich in selenium, potassium and magnesium.

Tsimane tribe spends a lot of time walking and standing rather than sitting every day. When hunting, residents of Tsimane track and walk slowly to get their prey. Tsimane’s people don’t hesitate to walk thousands of kilometers for several hours to get the expected hunt. Tsimane’s people even could walk up to 17 thousand steps per day to get their prey.

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