Saturday, 30 May 2020

Brightburn, James Gunn’s new horror project that is worth watching



News24xx.comBrightburn is the new film project of James Gunn, the director behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and The Suicide Squad. It has been called ‘untitled James Gunn horror project.

Brightburn tells the story of Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle (David Denman), who wanted to have a child. Then, they found a baby in the middle of the woods, having landed on Earth in something like a bright red spaceship.

The couple adopted the baby, naming him Brandon. Twelve years later, Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) started to feel a change in him. He developed a supernatural powers and red eyes.

Brandon started hearing voices telling him to do something. Other terrifying things happened, and everyone who upset him or got in his way would be eliminated, even family members.

After finding out the truth about himself, Brandon, started wearing a dark cape and patched mask like a superhero. But instead of helping people, he caused troubles everywhere he went, even brutally murdering people.

Brightburn is different from any other horror flicks. There is a boy, dressed like superhero who tries to take over the world.

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