Saturday, 30 May 2020

Two women have named as suspects after a 3-month-old baby died at a daycare center in Bali


IllustrationIllustration - After a 3-month-old baby died at a daycare center in Denpasar, Bali, now the Denpasar Police have named two women as the suspects.

Police accused the suspects for negligence that led to the death.

The both woman initials MD, 38, the daycare owner, and her employee TN, 39, will be charged under Article 76B of the Child Protection Law and Article 359 of the Criminal Code on negligence causing death.

“Both suspects are facing a five-year prison term,” Denpasar Police chief, Sr. Comr. Ruddi Setiawan told the press conference on Monday. 

Earlier reports revealed that a 3-month-old baby girl, Elora Nathania Ang, died at Princess House Childcare on Jl. Badaksari, Denpasar, on May 9. The baby allegedly died from suffocation after TN let her sleep face down in a swaddling blanket.

.After the baby was given some milk, she was left for around 1 minute. When TN came back, she held the baby for several minutes, and then she let the baby sleep face down, and left her for around 30 minutes. When she came back, the baby was weak. They took her to the hospital, but the baby died,.

Ruddi added that the owner of the daycare center had also been named a suspect following the discovery that the establishment did not fulfil the necessary regulations. 

“The daycare center apparently doesn’t have a permit. All the employees have no skill in caring for babies or children. They are only junior high school and senior high school graduates that work without any training,” Ruddi said.






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