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Ahead of of Eid Al-Fitr Holidays, the Rohil Tourism Office repair their regional tourism


The tourist areas of Rokan Hilir regencyThe tourist areas of Rokan Hilir regency -  Ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, the Government of Rokan Hilir Regency will utilize the infrastructure that has been built from the previous government to date.

At present, rearrangement of tourist areas in Batu 6 and at Pedamaran Bridge has been carried out, and Rohil Regency Government wants to make the Bridge like Langkawi Malaysia.

Batu 6 tourist area through the estuary road to Pedamaran I Bridge was initially neglected with very high grass growth. The shrub was seen on the riverbank starting from the Front of the Youth and Sports Tourism Office, Ship Cafe, and the most severe section between the Rokan Hilir Kodim 0321 to Pedaraman I.

This made a number of tourists complain.



The community complaint was responded to quickly by the Government of Rokan Hilir Regency, through the Environmental Agency, since the last few months carried out cleaning of the area, starting from the Youth and Sports Tourism Office, and continued the river estuary ditch to Pedamaran I. Bridge

Trenches that are usually clogged and overgrown with bushes are now clean, the changes are seen significantly.

Suwandi, S.Sos, Head of the Environmental Service said, this was done to pursue targets ahead of Eid.

The cleaning utilizes an excavator unit and mobilizes cleaning personnel, including cutting down trees on the roadside and grass so that it looks pleasing to the eye.

The Ramadhan month does not become a barrier for the Environmental Agency (DLH) to work, in accordance with the pursuit of targets, excavators and janitors continue to make improvements including around the center of Batu 6 tourist attraction, right around the eagle statue and in front of the Regent's office.



Indeed, the existing infrastructure has been built by the government before, so that at this time only doing a little improvement, including at the Ship Cafe, DLH was seen arranging the front, it seemed to be prepared as a community playground.

From Tourism and Olaraga Tourism Office to Rokan Hilir District Military Command 0321, the road is already good, natural views of river estuaries and offices are excellent, which will not be found elsewhere.

Existing office facilities, Youth and Sports Tourism Agency, Water Boom (not yet functioning, red), Ship Cafe, Rokan Hilir District Prosecutor's Office, a number of official houses, grand regent offices, Health Service, Rokan Hilir DPRD, Fisheries Service, Bappeda, Inspectorate and Rokan Hilir Kodim 0321.

Now, it is just a matter of revamping the area from the Rokan Hilir Kodim 0321 to Pedamaran I Bridge through the Rokan River Estuary. And it turns out that the ditch has been cleaned, the car can pass.

Now it has been built Trench Bridge 7, Rokan River Side Road, No Section 02,063, STA 8 + 110, span 50 meters, width 1 + 7 + 1 m, Bangko District, fiscal year 2018, plus one Bridge Sicin Trench with almost the same construction .

The area of ??Batu 6 tourist attraction has been integrated with Pedamaran I Bridge, where when Lebaran was the belle of the people of Rokan Hilir who often caused congestion due to crowded visitors.

Then what is the dream of the future Rokan Hilir Regency Government, Suwandi is not much imagining, when compared to the tourist area in Langkawi Malaysia, the tourist attraction owned by Rokan Hilir can be like that, both have eagle statues as icons.

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