Monday, 13 Jul 2020

NASA predicted the possibilities of human colony under the surface of the moon


IllustrationIllustration - Space agencies such as NASA have announced ambitions to bring people to the Moon and settle there. But there is only one problem that might prevent this ambition from becoming a reality. In theory, conditions on the Moon that are very extreme require humans to live in special structures that can maintain atmospheric pressure in vacuum. Besides that humans on the Moon also need protection from meteor attacks.

In connection with that, one that can be a solution is to build a colony under the surface of the Moon. The technicians were also interested in this month's colonization mission and wanted to develop a special tunnel drilling machine to be used on the Moon.

"So every plan to have habitat on the Moon includes making trenches, making structures and covering them with a kind of regolith, which is the main material on the Moon" said Director of the Earth Mechanics Institute Jamal Rostami as quoted by Phys, on Saturday, May 11th 2019. "Our idea is to really start underground, using the mechanism we have used on Earth, tunnel drilling machines, to make openings to create habitats for humans"

Rostami said that the results of analysis of images of the Moon's surface showed that the underground of moon is capable of accommodating large cities. However, to realize this underground colony is not an easy matter. To carry the giant tunnel drill is a major problem that must be faced by scientists, because the cost of delivering cargo to the Moon is still very expensive and the existing drilling machines weigh up to hundreds of tons.

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