Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Nike introduced Nike Fit feature to analyze the perfect size for each customer


IllustrationIllustration - Nike officially introduced the Nike Fit feature on its product, this feature uses a combination of scientific data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms to scan customers' feet and find the appropriate shoe size. Nike Fit is embedded in the official Nike application designed with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Nike said that according to their internal research, more than 60 percent of users wear the wrong size shoes.

The use of AR on the Nike application itself is quite simple, users are required to open the Nike application then go to the product page. Inside the application, there is a menu that allows users to choose shoe sizes. Users will also see the latest options to measure their feet.

After that the user will be asked to stand and point the cellphone to their feet. After AR technology recognizes the user's feet, a notification screen appears regarding the size of Nike shoes that are ideal for users to use. This whole process takes less than one minute.

Nike Fit will also tell whether the user's right foot is bigger than the left foot or vice versa. Nike Fit will even measure your feet virtually to millimeters in size and tell if your right foot is bigger than the left or vice versa. After users use this feature, information about foot size will be stored in the user's Nike profile. This means that buyers do not have to check the size when they want to buy shoes.

But, each shoe model from Nike will have a different match for the user's feet. The application will recommend the right size based on the shoe model.

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