Saturday, 30 May 2020

Soon in this country, you have to show your ID card just to buy a mouthwash


IllustrationIllustration - As a result of the increasingly stringent sales of alcohol in the Northern Australia Region (NT), now many residents are trying other sources to obtain the liquor, like from the vanilla essence and cleaning products. According to reports, sales of cleaning products have increased, even there is a report that said someone bought 21 liters of cleaning liquid products in two weeks.

In response, NGOs from the Alcohol Society Action Coalition Group (PPAC) and the Alcohol Education and Research Foundation (FARE) urged legal reforms related to the purchase of alcohol-containing products.

As a follow-up, this week the NT Government will submit the 2019 Liquor Bill, which will authorize the police to search, confiscate, and dispose of substances containing alcohol but cannot be consumed by humans, such as mouthwash.

But some people want their approach to be more proactive, for example by storing the products in the locked cabinet behind the cashier, not just displayed on a shelf, and only sold to adults who show identity cards. One of the youth organizations in Australia (CAYLUS), which was formed in 2002 to stop the practice of inhaling gasoline, found an increase in alcohol sales from home cleaning products from reports by shops and the City Council of Alice Springs.

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