Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

This yoga instructor from Canada sets a Guiness world record by doing plank for more than 4 hours


 Dana Glowacka Dana Glowacka - A unique world record just been carved by a woman named Dana Glowacka. She set the record for the longest plank in the world. Dana did plank for four hours without moving her position. Plank itself is a position that can slimming the body by positioning the head, neck, back, buttock, and legs in one straight line, this had became a trend in 2013.

Planking is favored by fitness lovers who want to slim their stomachs. Even doing a plank is said to be more effective than doing crunches. Planking is considered more efficient because it focuses on the back muscles and hip formation.

Dana Glowacka also becomes the planking expert because she managed to carve her name in the Guinness World Record by doing a plank for four hour 20 minutes. This Canadian yoga instructor beat the previous record with only one hour nonstop. The record was made at the Arista Hotel, Naperville, Illinois, United States last weekend.

Of course the achievement made by Dana is not as easy as it looks. Remembering her struggle to be able to do a plank for 4 hours nonstop, at first she used to only be able to plank for four minutes, after years of practice she able to do it for longer time, and that made Dana began to practice and participate in various championships. In 2016, she won second place in the International World Cup Plank Challenge event in Beijing. At that time she could plank for two hours and five minutes.

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