Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

World Bank granted financial assistance to West Java provincial in order to solve the waste issue


Image for illustrationImage for illustration - World Bank granted financial assistance of US$100 million or equal to Rp1.4 trillion to West Java provincial administration in order to solve the waste issue in Citarum River.

“We receive funds from the World Bank at Rp1.4 trillion. Within this week, we will hold a presentation to Central Government and World Bank regarding the fund use,” said West Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday, June 11.

Ridwan Kamil said his administration would coordinate with the city administration passed by the West Java’s longest river in a bid to efficiently spend the aid in dealing with the issue.

According to him, the funds would be used to finance the education program on the matter and prepare infrastructure areas, location of waste sorting, and the technology including waste-to-fuel facility.

“We also plan to add more garbage trucks, improve waste management, and manage recycling zones, and so on.”

The governor mentioned his side was looking for a strategic location to build a waste-to-fuel facility, and the technology was still being discussed. “We can use any kind of technology as long as it’s able to settle the waste issue,” Kamil added.

Earlier named as the world's most populated river in 2013, Citarum River attracted global eyes until the World Bank willingly delivered financial assistance to overcome the issue. The central government alone had put concerns on the matter.

Ridwan Kamil opined the river revitalization has gone well, moreover, since the Indonesian Military (TNI) was dispatched to monitor the area. At present, there was no residential area along the riverbank.

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