Sunday, 07 Jun 2020

Not attending Idul Fitri prayers, three subdistrict heads in Aceh are risk of retired from their position


Idul Fitri prayersIdul Fitri prayers -  Three subdistrict heads in West Aceh, Aceh province, are at risk of being removed from their positions for not attending Idul Fitri prayers in their areas of jurisdiction, an official said on Tuesday.

According to West Aceh Regent H. Ramli MS, he had instructed every subdistrict head to remain in their respective areas of jurisdiction to attend Idul Fitri prayers. However, three subdistrict heads celebrated Idul Fitri elsewhere.

“We will remove them from their positions for neglecting their duties by leaving their posts,” Ramli said as quoted by Antara on Tuesday.

Ramli refused to give the names of the subdistrict heads in question.

“We will inform the public once they get their replacements,” he said. 





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