Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

These are some of the beautiful islands that are in danger of sinking if global warming keep getting worse


Vanuatu islandVanuatu island - Recently, the name of the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres is being widely discussed after he posed for the cover of Time magazine titled 'Our Sinking Planet'. In his cover photo, Gutteres looks wet because he was in knee-deep water on the coast of Tuvalu, one of the countries in the Pacific Islands that is threatened with sinking due to natural damage that causes a rise in the volume of world sea water.

Tuvalu is only one of nine countries in the Pacific Ocean that are threatened with sinking due to global warming that keep getting worse. In UN records, Tuvalu is in danger of sinking along with Kiribati, Samoa, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Fiji Islands, Marshall Islands, Maldives Islands and Vanuatu Island.

Yes, Maldives Islands which is in the bucket list of tourist around the world tourists is also threatened with the sinking problem if humans continue to make earth hotter with pollution and garbage we produce. Even though it is far away in the Pacific Ocean, these islands are also worth to worry about. One of them is Vanuatu, an archipelagic country which according to the United Nations is most often affected by natural disasters.

Covering an area of ??12 thousand square kilometres, the republic which is inhabited by 286 thousand people is being swallowed little by little by the increasing volume of sea water. From the research it is known that sea water around the area rises one centimetre per year. It is feared that five decades from now the island that was discovered by Spanish explorers in the 1600s will be gone from the map.

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