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Alternative ideas for wedding outfit for those who do not want to wear the typical wedding dress


IllustrationIllustration - The standard white dress for wedding was started by Queen Victoria on February 10th 1840. The Queen wore white gown to her wedding instead of a red one, which was the tradition at that time.

Ever since then, it seems that white gown is the norm for weddings, ever for less traditional brides. There are some variations but most of them have light, almost white colors, with lace fabrics, long dramatic skirts.

While going for the traditional look is nice, there are some women who want to try something new for their weddings. For those who do not want to wear the typical wedding dress, these are some alternative ideas you may want to try.

1.       Pick a color other than white

The best way to break the tradition is by changing the color of the dress. Pick a color other than white, like pink, blue, yellow or purple. If you still want to have a lighter feel to it, choose a pastel color or a super light color.

2.       Wear two pieces

It is very rare for women to wear two-piece to a wedding. But you can make it work. For example, combining a fuzzy sweater and a long dramatic skirt during winter weddings.

3.       Do not wear a dress

Although it may seem to be the norm, a dress is actually not a requirement for wedding day. In fact, New York Times reported that more and more designers are creating pants suits for brides. In 2018, there were even non-dress options on Bridal Fashion Week. Indian-American fashion designer Naeem Khan even debuted a bridal tracksuit.

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