Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

Unique promo is presented in this restaurant in China, the person who can make the restaurant owner laugh will get 50% discount


IllustrationIllustration - There is a unique way a restaurant does to attract customers to visit their restaurant as example is on this restaurant. Customers who can make restaurant owners laugh will get a discount. One of the owners of hot pot restaurants in the city of Chongqing, China, has just released an interesting promo for his restaurant. The restaurant owner, offering discounts for each customer that can make him laugh.

Reported by the Global Times, on June 23rd 2019, the restaurant owner named Chen, initially put an ad about this offer in front of his restaurant. He offers a 10% discount for jokes that can make him smile, and a discount of 50% for customers who are able to make him laugh.

Of course, this offer caught the attention of many people who passed in front of the restaurant. In fact, many customers have prepared, a joke to entertain the owner of this restaurant. "I searched for jokes on the internet this morning, to get a 50% discount" said one customer.

Apparently, Chen's promo is welcomed by people there. Many people are starting to line up in the restaurant, to get a discount at the hot pot restaurant. One female customer managed to get a 30% discount for a joke that Chen likes.

Not without reason, Chen made this promo. He deliberately made this interesting promo, so he and all customers in his restaurant could have fun together. Moreover, his purpose of opening the restaurant from the start is to spread happiness rather than to get money.

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