Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

To ease the identification of the land owner, Babinsa 08 Koramil Tandun patrol the Forest Fires Area


Babinsa 08/Tandun are monitoring the forest fires areaBabinsa 08/Tandun are monitoring the forest fires area - dry season makes the peatlands become drier and at risk of burning . One of the cases is in Kumain Village, Tandun District, Rohul Regency, Riau. 

On its 105th TMMD  Kodim 0313/KPR, Babinsa Koramil 08/Tandun, routinely patrol and monitor its target area to anticipate forest fires including Kumain Village.

"now is dry season, we sholud be more alert and don't ever burndown the land or forest. We should support each other to prevent forest fires. "Sertu Paisal Siregar said, Tuesday 23rd July 2019.

Paisal said " the pratoly is aimed to monitor the risky area and also to register the area that has been clenaed by the society"

"in addition, we appeal the society to anticipate the forest fires together and report if they find ocnums who burndown the land on purpose"

Sertu Paisal hopes through this monitoring, the occurance of forest fires can be minimized especially in Tandun district.

" and if the forest fires occur,The officer can directly identidy the land owner" he said.

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