Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Hundreds of Participants Start the 2019 Gowes Nusantara List of Pekanbaru Smartcity Stage


Head of Pekanbaru City Dispora, Zulfahmi AdrianHead of Pekanbaru City Dispora, Zulfahmi Adrian - The preparations for the 2Q2 Archipelago and Pekanbaru Smartcity events continue to be held, debating goweser from various regions have started to register.

Head of Pekanbaru City Dispora, Zufahmi Adrian said, "There are already around 300 participants".

"There are around 300 participants, who are goweser from Riau, both individuals and bicycle communities," Zulfahmi told, Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Zulfahmi said, for the schedule of the Nusanatara 2019 Gowes the Pekanbaru Smartcity stage will be held on September 21 to September 22 2019.

"For registration, you can come directly to the Pekanbaru City Dispora Office, or you can also go online, also contact the committee," he said.

In addition, Zulfahmi continued, for the first 1,000 participants, they will get the 2019 2 notes & Nusantara shirts and at Pekanbaru Smartcity.

"For registration, we will still open it today with H Gowes Nusantara," said the former PP Kasat Pol Pekanbaru City.

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