Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Five things for women to pay attention before marriage


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Marriage is a huge step in life. And a Twitter user known as @aensaari shared a tweet about a list of things for women to pay attention to and be clear about before marriage. 

1. You’re not a baby-making factory
Before marriage, women should discuss with their future husband about family planning. The couple should talk about how many kids they want and when the husband expects to have a kid, whether it’s a year after marriage or etc.

She said that some women might be too caught up with the wedded bliss that they agree immediately to have babies. It’s important to note that pregnancy is no easy feat and women should be prepared for the whole experience.

2. You’re not a housemaid
Any work can help with financial savings and it will be especially helpful during difficult situations.

If the husband has financial struggles in the middle of the month, at least the wife’s income could help reduce the burden. Husband and wife should work together to manage the family.

It’s unfair to expect only one person to provide for the whole family. And we must encourages the husband and wife to give and take.

3. Your world does not revolve around your husband entirely
One of the most common mistakes some women make is that after marriage, they think that they have to follow their husband’s wishes 100%, even if it means putting themselves through a lot of trouble, going against their religion and more.

Her point is especially relevant in cases where there is physical and mental abuse. Some wives can’t break out of the relationship because of a sense of attachment.

4. Education is important
In relationships, you should have education and knowledge so that you are not easily deceived by some men.

There was a case where a woman wanted to get divorced from her husband because he didn’t provide income all the while they were married. He even asked the wife for money. 

So when she wanted a divorce, he used his knowledge in law to blackmail the wife about their joint property.

The woman continued staying in the relationship because she was scared of losing her only owned house to her husband.

The situation would not have happened if the woman was more aware or if she asked someone who is knowledgeable in the field of joint property.

5. Women’s health
Women must get themselves medically examined, from family planning to taking care of themselves.

She encourages women to think about getting a pap smear too.

It’s awesome when someone voices out the concerns that most women want to ask, but may not feel comfortable voicing out. 





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