Saturday, 30 May 2020

Riau Hotspots No Longer Monitored Due To Blank Area


(Hotspots not detected in Riau (photo / int))(Hotspots not detected in Riau (photo / int)) -

Tuesday 13 August 2019, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) was unable to report hotspot data or hotspots in Riau. That was due to the condition of the blank island of Sumatra this afternoon.

That was said by the Head of the Pekanbaru BMKG Station, Sukisno. "Hotspot update info, a part of Sumatra Island is blank area. Riau Hotspot is not detected," he said in the official hotspot data release.

The blank area in question is part of a weather satellite covering the map of the Sumatra region. So that some areas, especially Riau become invisible.

This condition is very different from the hotspot in Riau this morning. Riau Hotspots reached 167 points which were spread the most in 61 points Rokan Hilir, Indragiri Hilir 27 points, and 21 points Pelalawan.

Then Bengkalis 15 points, Meranti 8 points, Kampar 3 points, Dumai 4 points, Rokan Hulu 1 point, Siak 14 points, and Indragiri Hulu 13 points.

It's just that the visibility in Pekanbaru is 10 kilometers. Then Rengat 8 kilometers, Dumai 5 kilometers, and Pelalawan 7 kilometers.

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