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This is the Message of the Inhu Police Chief While Leading The Ceremony of The Handover Position of 3 of Police Station


(Handoer the position of 3 Kapolsek in Inhu / azi)(Handoer the position of 3 Kapolsek in Inhu / azi) -

INHU - Police Chief Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) AKBP Dasmin Ginting S.IK led the handover ceremony for the West Rengat police chief, the Sand Turtle police chief and the police chief in Inhu police ranks, Saturday 24 August 2019 at the Inhu Police Headquarters.

The position of the submitted Police Chief was based on the Riau Police Chief Decree Number: KEP / 506 / VIII / 2019 dated August 15, 2019 was the West Rengat Police Chief from Bujang Suryadi SH Commissioner to Tigor B Commissioner Kambise.

Kompol B Suryadi will be assigned as the Pelalawan District Police Chief while the Tigor comp will previously be in charge of Kasimasairdan and Potdirga Subditpatrol Airud Dit Riau Police.

Head of the Sand Turtle Police Headquarters from Kompol Dwi Kormal to Kompol Edi Yasman SH. Kompol Dwi will occupy a new task as Kasubag Lakjarlat Bagjarlat SPN Riau Police while Kompol Edi previously served as Head of Unit 2 Sub Directorate 3 of Riau Police Directorate.

Furthermore, the position of the Kapolsek Lyrics from AKP Yudi Setiawan SH MH to AKP Ali Azar, S. Sos. AKP Yudi will serve as Panit 1 Unit 1 Sibdit 1 of the Riau Police Directorate while the previous AKP Ali as Paur 3 Subbid Tekkom Bidtik Riau Police.

Inhu Kapolres AKBP Dasmin Ginting S.IK in his direction said that the mutation in the body of the National Police was a common thing to do.
This is to provide refreshment and add experience for the personnel concerned and also from career development

"With so much experience possessed by a National Police officer, it is hoped that the person concerned will be more mature and more professional in carrying out his duties," said Inhu Police Chief.

The Inhu Police Chief also expressed his deepest gratitude and highest appreciation to the old officials who had been able to improve the performance of the unit with high dedication and loyalty.

"To the new officials, I welcome and congratulate the trust given by the National Police leadership to you to carry out the new task at the Inhu Police Station," said the Inhu Police Chief. ***

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