Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Amazing, a man from Japan loses weight very fast, these are his secret


Amazing, a man from Japan loses weight very fast, these are his secretAmazing, a man from Japan loses weight very fast, these are his secret -  It isn’t easy to get the body you dream of but this Japanese guy was determined to be fit, toned and strong. 

He shared his fitness secrets on Twitter on August 25, showing his impressive transformation and how he did it by doing four minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) every day for just five months.

The man, known as Hiragii Sensei also posted two photos of his before an after transformation and boy, does he look phenomenal now! 

He started doing his workout in March 2019 and shared the results in August 2019. He had a rather large potbelly back then but just five months of hard work resulted in a lean, mean body complete with eight-pack abs. 

He wrote, “I only did my strength training at home and achieved this much. Photos are taken at the same place and almost the same angle. No filters or edits! I’m using my Apple Watch which is why I’m posing like that.”

Hiragii said that he has been wanting to lose weight for two years but could not keep to his diet as he would always fail after three days. However, he said that with a clear and reasonable goal in mind, he was determined to achieve it this time. The key is to be disciplined!

In addition to doing his daily workout, Hiragii says he also owes his transformation to his change in diet. He would only consume 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day and consume more vegetables.

He explains that he only eats two meals a day, between 12pm to 8pm and avoids fatty foods like desserts, sweet drinks and snacks. Hiragii advises that alcohol intake should be reduced and recommends red wine or highballs if you want to drink.

He also included a video of him doing his daily four-minute workout and says he mainly does squats, burpees, push-ups and ab rollers to achieve his toned body. He shares some of his daily meals, which are mainly salad with salmon, tuna or avocado seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil and he drinks green tea, water and black coffee.

But Hiragii says he also has cheat days sometimes where he indulges in one of his cravings, bubble tea which he loves. Sometimes, he would eat grilled meat or curry rice too. He explains that he managed to go from 69kg to 56kg in just five months, an impressive feat that has caught netizens attention.

While it looks pretty easy, Hiragii said that it’s important to be determined and consistent as it takes a lot of effort to be disciplined. He said that if one is consistent, they can see the results in one or two months time. “Whether you want to be greedy now or become a better you for the future, that’s your choice,” he added.






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