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Terrible, a woman kept kids among piles of rotten food and human faeces


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  A shocked landlord has discovered rotten food, mould and human faeces strewn around a house he let to a mother and her four children. 

The three-bedroom property was infested with damp and piled with rubbish in every room when the family vacated after five years. 

Shahin Miah, 43, said he had been trying to check the house for five months with no luck. After deciding to break in on Sunday he was so sickened by the sight and smell that he turned back and threw up on the driveway.

He said, "There was rubbish everywhere. There was food everywhere. There was no access to the kitchen and bathroom because there was human poo on the floor."

The house, in Erdington, Birmingham, was first let to the woman fully furnished with multiple beds. 

Now, Shahin added, ‘there was just one bed left with human poo and dirt on it.’ 

Shahin said he was worried for the welfare of the four kids who had to live among the piles of tins, household waste and mould. Shahin faces a £2,000 bill to clear out the £590-a-month property and thousands more as he replasters and redecorates the house.

The landlord, who lives on the same road, said he had no problems with his tenant at first, describing her as a ‘smart woman’. But things took a sharp turn for the worse 12 months ago

He said, "She never opened the windows or curtains. She never put the bins out on the right day. I got suspicious when I went to the house to visit and she wouldn’t let me in. She would say she was busy and she was going out. I would ask for a time to return and she never replied."

Shahin recalled how four months ago he was contacted by a gas company after they failed to get hold of his tenant to inform her of a day-long outage. 

"The gas people told me that there was no gas at the house for a month – how could she survive? I phoned her but she never picked up. Eventually I phoned her and said there was no gas in the house and they needed to go into the house and she said she would let them in and then she didn’t."

Shahin kept asking for access but the mother called police, who told him it was a matter for the courts. She told Shahin she was leaving at the end of August and left on Sunday with no forwarding address.





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