Monday, 01 Jun 2020

International students who study in Britain can opt to stay for up to two years


IllustrationIllustration -  The Star reported that international students who study in Britain can opt to stay for up to two years if they want to search for work there. Previously, under former prime minister Theresa May, international students are only allowed to stay in Britain for up to four months after they have completed their studies.

However, now, they have decided against that policy because they feel that international students can benefit Britain. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said,

The important contribution international students make to our country and universities is both cultural and economic. Their presence benefits Britain.”

“Our universities thrive on being open global institutions. Introducing the graduate route ensures our prestigious higher education sector will continue to attract the best talent from around the world to global Britain.”

Therefore, this new rule will allow graduates to work or search for a job at any skill level. After that, they can switch to “a skilled work visa” if they have found a suitable job which ticks off all the requirements. The amazing thing about this new implementation is that there isn’t a cap on the number of students allowed to take this “graduate route”. FYI, there are nearly 450,000 international students pursuing their education in Britain in a year. 

This implementation takes effect from 2020 onward for international students who take an undergraduate course or above in any “trusted UK university or higher education provider which has a proven track record in upholding immigrant checks”. Finance minister Sajid Javid elaborated,

“About time. Should have reversed this silly policy years ago. Britain should always be open to the best talent from across the world.”






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