Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

The Impact of Forest and Land Fire, Following the August-September Report Data from Bengkalis District Hospital


Bengkalis Regional Hospital PatientBengkalis Regional Hospital Patient - The condition of the smog in the Bengkalis Islands, Bengkalis Regency, Riau is still worrying the residents of the islands.

Because, from the monitoring of this media, post-fire haze that has not been reduced and still surrounds Bengkalis island, making residents feel dizzy, coughing, shortness of breath and so forth.

According to data reports from the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Bengkalis, the impact of the 2019 Karhutla impact, as of August-September, the Director of RSUD Dr. Ersan Saputra TH stated that on August 11 the type of Astma was a disease with 1 patient. While on September 14, ARI 2 people.

"These three people were hospitalized in Bengkalis District Hospital. However, from 1- September 13, 2019 the types of diseases treated in the ED were, Pneumonia 3 cases, ARI 8 cases, Astma 20 cases, Broncitis 9 cases, Pharingitis 11 cases, COPD 5 cases "Conjunctivitis 2 cases, Broncopneumonia 2 cases, a total of 60 people," said Director of Bengkalis Regional Hospital Dr. Ersan, Sunday, September 15, 2019.
As for the Karhutla impact data report 01-31 August 2019 with the number of sufferers and types of diseases handled by Bengkalis IGD hospital, Broncopneumonia 4 cases, ARI 12 cases, Astma 35 cases, Broncitis 17 cases, Pharingitis 10 cases, COPD 5 cases, Conjunctivitis 1 case with a total of 84 people.

"For outpatients 1-13 September, Peneumonia 2 cases, ARI 3 cases, Astma 0, Broncitis 0, Pharyngitis 0, COPD 0, Conjunctivitis 0 and Broncopneumonia 0 to be a total of 5 people. Besides, 1-31 August there are 8 people, "he concluded.

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