Friday, 05 Jun 2020

Within a week, 82 patients with ISPA went to Pekanbaru City Health Center


Head of Pekanbaru City Health Center, Doctor Armiyetti.Head of Pekanbaru City Health Center, Doctor Armiyetti. - Haze of forest and land fires (karhutla) that has hit the City of Pekanbaru since the end of July 2019. Each puskesmas opens a Smoke Impact Disaster Command Post in Pekanbaru City.

Head of Pekanbaru City Health Center Doctor Armiyetti, Wednesday (18/09/2019), revealed that the Smoke Impact Disaster Command Post was established on Wednesday (11/08/2019). However, patients treated for smoke haze have not been too significant, which is still under 20 people every day.

"The patients we handle at this post are specifically inclined to respiratory problems due to haze. On average, they suffer from acute respiratory infections (ISPA) in the form of coughs and colds," he said.

Until now, patients with pneumonia or advanced ARI have not yet existed. ARI patients referred to hospitals also do not yet exist.

Patients treated depend on their health conditions. Patients suffering from cough and cold are given medicine. While patients who experience shortness of breath are given oxygen.

"So far there have been no patients who are short of breath. I think that in Pekanbaru the city has not been as severe as in the periphery, such as Tampan District and Rumbai District. These two areas are on the border of the burned area," said Armiyetti.

Meanwhile, ARI sufferers who seek treatment at the Smoke Impact Disaster Command Post for a week have 45 men and 37 women. In terms of age, after 0 to one year as many as 2 people.
Ages 1-4 years as many as 13 people. Ages 5-14 as many as 14 people. More than 15 years as many as 17 people.

"Patients aged 0-1 years rarely suffer from ARI because they are more at home," explained Armiyetti.

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