Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Arie Untung See Riau Smoke Haze Directly and Still Severe, Unlike Minister of Jokowi


Arie Untung and Dimas Seto reached Pekanbaru, Riau to meet victims of haze (photo / int)Arie Untung and Dimas Seto reached Pekanbaru, Riau to meet victims of haze (photo / int) -

Sunday, September 22, 2019, the public figures of Arie Untung and Dimas Seto appeared to come to Pekanbaru, Riau Province. Both of them immediately saw the thick haze and the former fire in Riau.

"ASAPMU ASAPKU JUGA Qadarullah. Yesterday the plan will deliver the mandate of donations to my relatives who are in Pontianak with flights at 5:15. still quite dark in the afternoon feels dusk. Sky cm white (check ig story), "call @ariekuntung.

"And it turned out that Qadarullah was the beginning of our friendly gathering with cute sisters and mothers and other citizens. Pray for us to return. Not only in Pekanbaru. But also in Kalimantan, which reportedly is also increasing in thickness. Slide the last slide of our efforts to reach the point of fire which turned out to be mental we are not great enough to be able to get there. Finally, just amazed to see the remnants of small ecosystems that have been burned with forest and land fires. But there is no one who defeated the extraordinary forest fighters, "continued Arie Untung.

"Hopefully it won't be raining for long, so our brothers who are affected by the smoke disaster can come back to see the blue sky, and the sun brightly," hope @ariekuntung.

Arie Untung's statement seemed to refute the statement of Menkopolhukam Wiranto some time ago which called the haze in Riau was not as bad as the news. Even though up to now the ISPU Board in front of the Pekanbaru Mayor's Office shows that air quality is still 'Very Unhealthy'.

Immediately, netizens or citizens gave comments. @ekaa_fajarr: "Barakallah, pray for the smoke in Pontianak to disappear quickly."

@abdulazizalfarisi: "He said that in Pekanbaru the children can already go to school and the students have been able to be active like normal? What should I do?"

@fahmeedastore: "Masyaa allah, tabarakallah all teams."

@just_ariex: "Ati2 mas, the shoes are dirty."

@fahmi_a | fatih96: "Mashaa Allah. May Allah bless all your endeavors."

@analiawidi: "To Natuna as well as Arie. Natuna is also affected by haze from Kalimantan. Not comfortable for breath, to the outside I have to wear a mask, my eyes also hurt."

@wellaoktavianioktaviani: "Hopefully the thorns of Riau can go down like the one in Kalimantan, yeah."

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