Monday, 01 Jun 2020

3 AircraftS Rotate in the Air, Visibility Is Not Safe Due to Thick Haze


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PEKANBARU - Three flights, Batik Air, Citilink, and Malindo Air aircraft have not been able to land because the visibility for the landing position is not safe.

Citilink flight QG 936 to CGK-PKU departs from Jakarta at 05.42 WIB to Pekanbaru, it should have been delayed at 07.15 WIB due to Holding over Riau.

Likewise, the Batik Air ID 6856 Plane departed from Jakarta at 05.50 WIB and should have landed in Pekanbaru at 07.35 WIB and Malindo Air OD 362 from Subang at 08.15 Malaysia time to Pekanbaru landed at 08.35 WIB.

According to the Officer in Charge of the Sultan Syarif Kasim (SSK) II aerospace temple Benni Netra told the media crew on Sunday (22/9), the landing position was not safe due to the very thick haze and visibility so far around 600 meters.

"Safe visibility is usually 800 M, but it all depends on the pilot taking the decision to take off or landing," he said. ***

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