Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Vadhil Amaya Rising Star 2019 Will Enliven the Closing of the 2019 Tour de Siak Tonight


Closing Ceremony Tour de Siak 2019Closing Ceremony Tour de Siak 2019 - The peak night of the 2019 Tour de Siak (TdSi) bicycle racing event will be enlivened by the singer of Rising Star 2019, Vadhlil Amaya, in the Sultan Syarif Kasim II regional building on Sunday 22 September 2019 at around 20.00 West Indonesia Time.

 The singer, who is often called Alil, will shake the Palace City with his distinctive voice, rasping wet. "Tonight the closure of the Tour de Siak will be enlivened by Vadhlil Amaya," said Chair of the Tour de Siak Committee in 2019, Fauzi Azni.

The Head of the Siak Tourism Office hopes that the Siak community will be able to attend the peak night of the TdSi event in the Regional Building, SSK II witnessed the winner of the 2019 Tour de Siak cycling event, and enjoyed entertainment by a singer who had won praise from Ariel Noah while attending the 2019 Rising Star.

"Don't miss it, let's flock to the Palace City to watch the closing night of the 2019 de Tour de Siak," he concluded.

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