Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Visiting Haze Victims and Reviewing Karlahut in Riau, Arie Untung: Afternoon Feeling White Sky Only


Arie Untung and Dimas Seto together with damkar personnel while reviewing one of the hotspot locations in Riau (photo: @ariekuntung)Arie Untung and Dimas Seto together with damkar personnel while reviewing one of the hotspot locations in Riau (photo: @ariekuntung) - Smoke haze has been sweeping Riau since the last few weeks, and even more concentrated due to karlahut, both that occurred in Riau, and also several other areas such as Jambi and South Sumatra (South Sumatra).

This invites sympathy from the homeland artists, including Arie Untung, Dimas Seto and several other artists who later came to the city of Pekanbaru, Riau to give donations to the smog victims.

Arie Untung also posted a visit to Riau, when he visited the people affected by the haze and immediately saw one of the karlahut spots in Riau, through his Instagram account @ariekuntung.

"Qadarullah. Yesterday the plan will deliver the mandate of donations to my relatives in Pontianak with a flight at 05.15 WIB. But until 11:30 WIB there is no certainty of the flight because the visibility at the airport is not conducive," Arie wrote in a caption posting posted Saturday. September 21, 2019.

"Finally we decided to turn around to Pekanbaru because it was still quite thick, in the afternoon it was dusk The sky was only white (check ig story). And it turned out that Qadarullah became the beginning of our friendly relationship with cute sisters and other residents. Wish us we could return Not just in Pekanbaru "But also to Kalimantan, which reportedly is also increasing in thickness," he continued.

In that post, Arie also revealed that he had visited the location of a hot spot directly in Riau. "Slide the last slide, our efforts to reach the point of fire that turns out our mentality is not great enough to be there," he said.

"Finally, I was just amazed to see the remnants of small ecosystems that were burned by the forest and forest fires. Still salute, no one beat the extraordinary forest fighters. smoke disasters can again see the blue sky, and the sun brightly, "he said.

"Thank you friends, Mas Andrian, from @actforhumanity, a humanitarian partner who is never tired of our support. God willing, next week we will target Kalimantan, yes, friends. We have to change the schedule because asking for the leave is not easy. he concluded.

Arie Untung's post also received various positive comments from netizens. Like from @audyitem: "barakallah maleeeehhh .. keep your health there @ariekuntung."

@ fahmi_alfatih96: "Ma sha'Allah. May Allah bless all your endeavors."

@analiawidi: "To Natuna as well as Arie ... Natuna is also affected by the haze from Kalimantan. Not comfortable for breathing, going out must wear a mask, the eyes also hurt."

@wellaoktavianioktaviani: "May ruri thorns continue to come down like a hit."

@ranitd_bookadvisormds: "Where's the picture Arie mas shoes? Blepotan not?"

@ekaa_fajarr: Barakallah, sir ... the smoke in Pontianak will quickly disappear ... "

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