Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Shortened Routes, 3,000 More Participants enliven the Gowes Nusantara Etape Pekanbaru Smartcity II 2019


Thousands of participants of the Etape Pekanbaru Smartcity II 2019Thousands of participants of the Etape Pekanbaru Smartcity II 2019 - Thousands of participants enlivened the 2 nd October Nusantara Smartcity Stage which took place at SKA Mall Pekanbaru, Jalan Soekarno Hatta (Arengka I), Sunday 22 September 2019 morning.

These goweser come from various various regions in Riau, including Kampar, Inhu, Pelalawan and Bengkalis. And from outside Riau, including Padang, Payakumbuh and also Jambi.

Secretary of Pekanbaru Pekanbaru, M Noer said, the participants had high spirits, even though the weather conditions were not very supportive, but they were still enthusiastic to take part in the 2 Miles Nusantara Pekanbaru Smartcity II Stage 2019.

"Alhamdulillah, the weather conditions were not very supportive, the high enthusiasm of the bicycle lovers continued to overflow following the 2 notes & notes," M Noer told, after 2 notes & notes in SKA Mall Pekanbaru.
"We from the Pekanbaru City Government would like to thank the bicycle communities in Riau and also a number of regions outside Riau for enlarging the 2 nd National Archipelago Cycling Show in Smartcity II 2019," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Pekanbaru City Dispora, Zulfahmi Adrian revealed, the route used at the Pekanbaru Smartcity Nusantara Stage II 2019, the 'Pekanbaru Against Smoke' route.

"Our route is shortened, because of the smoke haze, we use the backup route. But, participants are still enthusiastic to follow the 2 notes Nusantara Nusantara Smartcity II Pekanbaru, there are about 3,000 more participants," said Zulfahmi.

Still Zulfahmi said, on this occasion, thousands of participants also signed a form of support to the government in overcoming and cracking down on land and forest burners.

"This is a form of support for the government to overcome karlahut. If the weather is better, the number of participants could be even greater. But, the number of participants is now more than our target," he concluded.

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