Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Made from Used Plastic Bottles, this Business Earns IDR 50 Million in a Month


Source: InstagramSource: Instagram

Syukriyatun Niamah, graduated from the Sepuluh November Technology Institute (ITS), Surabaya, is success in making household furniture from plastic waste and earning tens millions in a month.

The furniture includes chairs, tables and wall clocks under the brand name Robries.

The business idea came up in 2015 when she was in college. At that time, Niam claimed to buy cold drinking water because the weather in Surabaya was hot. Niam who lives in the a rent house doesn't buy a gallon because her room is on the second floor.

As a product design graduate, she is also looking for ways to make plastic waste has high added value.

The experiment began. She cut the plastics manually (without a chopper machine). Then, the piece of the plastic is melted. In the melting process, she uses a variety of methods, until finally she found an oven to melt the plastic. This oven itself is her first capital. This oven is a used oven she bought for  IDR 1.3 million.

After being melted, the plastic is formed into pieces, like wood pieces. This plastic pieces is the basic material for the product; table, chair, and wall.
She sells the product for IDR 200 thousand for a wall clock, IDR 400 thousand-Rp 500 thousand for a removable chair, and IDR 550 thousand for a table.

Until now Niam's business is growing up. She can add her production tools, one of which is a plastic chopper machine. The sale has grown from around IDR 4 million per month to IDR  13 million per month if she is diligently participating in exhibitions at the beginning of the business. Now, his turnover has gone through Rp. 50 million a month.

Not only sold domestically, Niam has also brought her merchandise through the Asian and European markets. Now, she wants to penetrate the Australian market.

"This is sold at most in Europe because they are more aware of environmental issues. Like Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, where else,  I do not memorize," she said.






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